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We believe that only the Creator of Human Life

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You are spirit. You are thought. You are light. You are eternal.

"There is no other redemption for mankind
than to realize their divinity"

- Ramtha

Today my task is to convince you of your divinity. And what better start than to expose you to one aspect of your divinity – your eternalness. I will use my own personal experience and gained wisdom, as well as other references, as proof.

To begin. My experience, my wisdom is mine, and mine alone. Yet, by revealing my personal discoveries, I hope to encourage you to become open-minded. This open-mindedness will next inspire you to manifest similar experiences. Believe me, to have such experiences will broaden your understanding of who you really are.

Point number one. I am a spirit. I am thought. The reason I know this is because I have had an “out of body experience”. In 1979 I was riding as a passenger, with my mother driving. Probably as the result of my fear of a possible impending accident, I suddenly found myself rising out of my body, out of the car and into the clouds. I mean I was IN the clouds. You know - the fluffy stuff. Clouds were all about me. (Like when you look out of an airplane window.) But I wasn’t looking through any window – I WAS ACTUALLY THERE – IN THE CLOUDS! “This is great!” I felt. “I must be dead.” “I must have died in a car crash; and yet, I feel wonderful!” “I feel so happy and so peaceful.” “My mind is still working.” “I must be on my way to heaven!”

Next thing I knew I stopped my ascent and began to fall back slowly toward earth. Eventually I was easing gently back into my body as my mother was pulling to a stop.

I’ve only had that one “out of body experience”, yet it is probably the most memorable moment of my life. From that very real experience, I now know I am a spirit living in a body. I now know I am a spirit, which feels love, peace and complete contentment, when I am out of my body.

I am not alone in these “out of body experiences”. I have known five people whom also have had such an experience. One lady I met while camping several years ago. She told me how while asleep during her surgery, she was actually wide-awake viewing the whole operation from a point above - on the ceiling! Another, elderly friend told me that once when slipping on an icy sidewalk she was suddenly “out of her body” viewing the fall. “I guess I just didn’t want to feel the pain,” she laughed. My girlfriend, Suzanne was out of her body after a very serious auto crash. She watched from a distance as the paramedics removed her body from the wreck. Two other friends of mine claim to “astro travel” at night to other places in the solar system. One, a teacher, told me that he often visits the moon. Once he decided to go beyond the moon into deep space. He kept going out into space until he saw the rings of Saturn! “I got so scared,” he related. “I had ventured out too far.” “Suddenly – ZAP!” “I was in my body again.”

Dr. Ronald Moody has devoted a lifetime of interviewing and writing down these “out of body” and “after death experiences” of over 20,000 people. The Gallop Pole has estimated that 5 percent of the general population has had these experiences. All these people and myself are not making up stories! We have not had some dream-like experience, some hypnotic or drug imposed hallucination, - but a real, physical experience. We are more than our bodies. We are spirit.

Point number two: I have seen a “light body”. Some ancient religions and enlightened masters tell us that we were created as tiny, quantasized “light bodies”; this is our true self. And, when we die, this “light body” moves up through the body seals/chakras and out the top of the head. (The seventh seal.) This is also described as going through a tunnel “to the light”.

We were told, by Ramtha, to look for the person’s “light body” the next time we went to a funeral; for often the “spirit” doesn’t leave immediately, but stays to view his own funeral. Last November I had that opportunity. I attended the funeral of a young man, the son of a friend. High in the peaked ceiling above the urn with his ashes, I saw an intense point of white light.

“But, maybe it was just an emergency or battery light,” I thought. So, after the service, I asked the priest, “Is there was any possible source of light, such as a battery light or any electricity of any kind, up in that peaked ceiling.” His reply, “No, none.” I next bravely said, “ I think I saw his ‘light body’ up there.” He turned to me and said pleasantly, “You know, many people have been seeing little lights at funerals”.

Having an “out of body experience” and seeing a “light body”, are my experiences; and, I can not ask you to possibly comprehend their meaning for yourself. I can only share these experiences with you in hopes you’ll be open-minded to want such experiences for yourself. And why? Because these experiences have brought me to the belief in my own eternalness; and, that has brought me great comfort and peace. I want you, likewise, to know such peace.

You are much more than your physical body. You are eternal, an eternal light with a mind and power to transverse through space, and perhaps, even time and dimension. (But that will be addressed in the following essay.)


There is no one in the world I cannot love or forgive.

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