Mary Hath Spokane - A Peace Prophet


Author of the United Peace Pledge:

We are Peace Prophets.

We will never kill a brother or sister human being.

We believe that only the Creator of Human Life

has the right to end that Life.




2014 Video:
Liberty Enlightening the World

Learn about Revolution 2011

Mary Hath Always Been a Peace Prophet.
She WILL Bring Peace On Earth
and Goodwill Amongst All Tribes.

New: Mary is interviewed
by Fox News!

execution protest

Watch the video.

Prayer for the World

Almighty Presence of God
Open my heart and mind
and soul this day
That I may see my Magnificence.

Support my endeavor to
heal my world.
My thoughts have made
the world I see
And so it is mine to make good.

I commit myself this day to
become an instrument
for Your light and peace.

To allow Your love to flow through me
in everything I think,
say and do.
I call forth Peace, Health,
Happiness and Abundance
for all the people of the World.

For we are One.
So be it!

(Revised Heal Africa Prayer)


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There is no one in the world I cannot love or forgive.

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