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"There is nothing to fear, but fear itself."

Winston Churchill

We have all heard this quote; and somewhere deep inside, we all know it is true. Yet, we are still fearful – why? Because of social consciousness - the limitation in our thinking. We must start thinking anew, logically and scientifically, if we are to dispel fear.

Great discoveries are happening in science, especially in quantum physics, which finally can help us get rid of old thinking/old models and embrace a new way of thinking – new thought processes, a new logical view of life. It’s a great time in human history – the greatest time thus far and we are all here to participate and find “joy” finally.

As a registered nurse I have been trained to “assess” the patient before offering services. Let’s together “assess” our world/our environment in which we, the human species, live. Worldwide we see war, famine, suffering and death. Even in more “cultured” places such as our own United States we still see homelessness, illness and death. These conditions cause great sadness and fear in both those directly suffering, and in those members who are family and friends. This suffering, and fear of such suffering, seems at times to overwhelm us – we cry, can’t seem to eat, can’t sleep and can’t function at our jobs and daily living. As a society we nobly try to ‘prevent’ such suffering and death. And, statistically we have diminished quite a bit of the problem. For example, we feed our poor; so, it’s rare that a person actually starves to death in America. We have a great health care system which identifies problems early; so that through interventions, disease and death can be thwarted. We have great mental health workers who help us feel good and value ourselves. Yet, we still fear. We are still insecure. And most importantly, we still look outside of ourselves for comfort and salvation.

Looking outside is the social training, which needs to change. (Stay with me now, this is the “most important point”.) Throughout the past history, especially the last 2000-3000 years, mankind has adopted, and perpetuated, the idea of a “heavenly Father”, creator of the universe and “beloved” controller of it all. Am I not correct? A beautiful and comforting model. Right? A model so comforting that no one DARES to tamper or question. Am I still right?

Well, here comes the tampering! Does that model of God actually comfort us? If a loving, benevolent God were in control why disease, suffering and death? Well, in spite of all the religious rhetoric, it just doesn’t make any sense. Come on – it does not! You know it doesn’t and I know it doesn’t. Something is very wrong with the whole God picture. If God were as powerful as religions say He is, then disease, suffering and death would be stopped. Am I not making logic? Religions all have their excuses – “we are being judged, cleansed, tested, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.” Such excuses are given to perpetuate the religious dogmas and keep the religions solvent and powerful. Having an outside judging God is good business for religions. Obviously, the masses need mediation between such a God and themselves – enter the business of religions; the mediation business.

Believe me, I am not out to exact criticism of religious people; for, in reality, they are individuals, just like you and I, who are doing noble acts of charity, making sacrifices of self, and working within the framework of contemporary social consciousness to the very best of their known abilities.
No, my message is not to upset beautiful people like ministers, priests and rabbis, but to raise us ALL up as the human race to a grander model of God.

Jesus Christ is said to have said, “The ‘truth’ shall set you free”. (Please do not close the book now because you think I will now present Jesus as God, when you feel he was only a myth or a misunderstood rabbi. Believe me I am not a Jesus freak or zealot Christian. However, I am a zealot for finding the ‘truth’ about everything.) To me Jesus Christ was a humble man who also questioned the authority of the religious consciousness of his times. He was a man who is portrayed as “fearless”; and thus, his life I find worthy of examination. I believe the ‘truth’ of which Jesus spoke has been generally misunderstood for 2000 years. Today, we have science which is giving solid, concrete evidence to support the true, radical statements made by Jesus, most of which have been modified and misinterpreted by the various Christian religions. (Again, I say these things in love and not judgement. We have all been blind; and hopefully, we can all wake up together painlessly and peacefully as a unit, the human race unit).

What ‘truth’ was Jesus speaking of? What “‘truth’ shall set you free”? The answer lies not so much in what Jesus is said to have said, but who he was. (Whether you believe Jesus was real or a myth really isn’t what is important, although many Christian religions make that part of their doctrinal system.) What is important is that there were genuine, historical oral stories for 300 years about a man who ‘loved’ everyone – the outcasts, the pompous asses, even the dreaded tax collector. He viewed everyone as equally ‘fine’-master, slave, male, female, child, religious person (Jew) and nonreligious person (heathen). It has been said of Jesus that he was the first human being in known history to express ‘unconditional love’, or ‘agape love’, to all humans. This ‘unconditional love’ may have been a noble concept in literature; but had an individual ever become liberated from cultural prejudices to actually demonstrate such a concept? No, not until Jesus Christ. Also, remember that the tribal concept was very strong in those times. And certainly there were no equality seen by males with women and children. (It is hard for us in America to imagine; but at this time in history, women and children were considered property of the men. Jesus Christ’s ‘fearless’ demonstration of love, especially to the gentiles, children and women (a whore even) was truly revolutionary! Whether one believes in Jesus Christ, or not, we can all be thankful for his demonstration of great, unprejudicial love.

Demonstration of ‘unconditional love’ was the first observation of Jesus. “A man who does miraculous things” was the second, which was reported orally by the presbyters for over 300 years - from “turning water into wine”, “healing the sick”, to “raising the dead” and “raising himself from the dead”. And all this from a simple man who is said to have said, “greater things will you do”?

Can the Pope heal the sick or raise the dead? Can rabbis or ministers heal the sick and raise the dead? No, no they cannot. Why not? Could the “secret” of the miracles lie with Jesus’ demonstration of ‘unconditional love’? Could there be a cause and effect relationship? Give that idea some thought. Here’s a clue – “the Father within does the work”.

The third observation of Jesus was his ‘fearlessness’. After all, he did allow himself to be crucified. Now that’s being fearless! Wouldn’t you agree? Could the ‘truth’ be that “perfect love casts out fear”? Perhaps by loving unconditionally, as modeled by Jesus Christ, we too could lose our fear.

Could such observations of love, the miraculous and fearlessness cause us to feel so good about ourselves; that, we actually become healthy and without death? Yes, they could. But whom do we observe? Do we look outside to a God above and distance? Or, do we look inside ourselves individually for these qualities of love, the miraculous and fearlessness? I challenge you to stop looking to a God without and look to the God within yourself. You are God! You are the one to observe for ‘unconditional love’, the miraculous and fearlessness. And if You are God, (and you are), what’s to fear? Nothing! Absolutely nothing. There is nothing to fear- not even fear itself!

There is no one in the world I cannot love or forgive.

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