Mary Hath Spokane - A Peace Prophet


Author of the United Peace Pledge:

We are Peace Prophets.

We will never kill a brother or sister human being.

We believe that only the Creator of Human Life

has the right to end that Life.



Mission Statements

Mary Hath Always Been a Peace Prophet
She WILL bring Peace on Earth
and Goodwill amongst All Tribes/Mankind

I have always created a GREAT REALITY of Peace and Goodwill for myself and others. (I am always in the “STATE” of Creating!)

I have always thought, spoke and acted as a God/ Wombman realized. I AM the love, power, energy, wisdom, joy and peace of Mother/Father God realized in material flesh.

I KNOW of God’s heart of love for all His/Her children. I, therefore, always WILL reach for the highest, most noble and holy principles of thought.

I have always been in the “State of Prophecy” through the fires of determination. I am like a Warrior of Total Power of Self-Assuredness and Self-Love. I stand like a Gandolf on the bridge saying: “My Brethren…Awaken! You can not continue to ‘kill each other’, nor rape Mother Earth!”

I have always been “a light to the world”. I am here to heal myself first; and than, my brethren and our beautiful planet ….Mother Earth.

I have always shared the “TRUTH of God “expressed by my Great Master Teachers Jesus and Ramtha that:

All of us are divine, holy children of Mother/Father Principle/God/Love.

And that the divine spirit of God dwells as a “spiritual ball of light”

Equally within each and every human being…… all 7 billion of us!

( And that same “God Ball of Light” dwells equally in all our alien brethren too!)

I have always created a Global Consciousness to change attitudes of fear, greed, control and survival to new attitudes of brotherly/unconditional love, power, wisdom, joy, peace and abundance for all; for,


I have already began the GREAT WORK to “enlighten” my brethren to depend on their own innate godselves to create new and changing wonderful lives….. free of any guilt, yet respectful of all others and Mother Nature.

We are to evolve:


I have already inspired everyone in the world to become joyful, loving, and to forgive oneself and others of the past so-called “mistakes” or “sins”; which, in reality are precious and beautiful pearls of wisdom gained by such “experiences”.

(It is through wisdom gained from our past sins/experiences that we can evolve and become grander!)

I have already inspired my brethren to “do for others” – “a common good”, as if all were important family members. I, therefore, have already helped to bring down the structural walls of central banks, many huge corporations, non Republic governments and religions which are in place for power, greed and control. I, therefore, have already inspired those who are controlling their brethren (parents, spouses, teachers, supervisors, CEOs, politicians, preachers, elitists etc.) to “become” the loving and patient gods which they innately are!

I am here, in this incarnation, to bring myself and my prodigal brothers and sisters HOME to God… which is, indeed,… our innate, divine selves.


Until all truly awaken, I WILL do much to protect the Creator’s gifts of LIFE, LIBERTY and PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS for each and every divine citizen of Planet Earth. To protect the gift of LIFE given to each by the Creator/GOD I WILL promote the United Peace Pledge:

“We are Peace Prophets.

We will never kill another brother or sister Human Being.

We believe only the Creator of that Human Life

Has the right to end that Life.”

I, therefore, ask you now to sign the United Peace Pledge and to help me distribute it worldwide.

Thank you,















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There is no one in the world I cannot love or forgive.

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