Mary Hath Spokane - A Peace Prophet


Author of the United Peace Pledge:

We are Peace Prophets.

We will never kill a brother or sister human being.

We believe that only the Creator of Human Life

has the right to end that Life.


Global Thought

World peace will come when each human being is without fear –without fear of survival and death.

How do we as the world community accomplish that task? It is simple. Each human being must be sovereign! And how do we accomplish that? Simply by soliciting each member of the human race to participate in the goal of world peace.

To entice each person (old , young, rich, poor) to develop his own creative ideas to bring world peace, a world without fear. To develop his own way to his own sovereignty.

Global thought is one of those creative ideas – coming out of Taiwan. The creative idea is like the ancient concept of tithing, but with a new twist. The percentage set aside by each person of time and/or money will not necessarily be given to an organization. Instead, the tithe will be used by the individual in any way she/he chooses. One may give love through through established organizations, or may develp one's own personal, creative ways to give love. The twist is that when one is personally involved in helping another, both people begin to change and grow connected; a oneness of spirit occurs. Giving love is the best method of building one's self-esteem/self worth.

The independence and joy, experienced through the creative tithe, also builds sovereignty. The discovery that one can share a percentage and still have enough begins to eliminate fear of survival and death.

It is said that there are only two forces in the Universe – Love and Fear. The global thought of Give Love promotes Love and helps dispel Fear.

Your Own 10% Account – A Global New Thought

It starts with everyone thinking this way. Everyone will put
10% of her his money or his her time into his her own
separate account devoted to making the world a better

In other words, everyone will start her his own business.
Everyone has a creative mind, and we want him her to put it
to use. The only thing that really matters in life is what are
we all doing with our 10%?

"There are two kinds of people in the world: givers
and takers. The takers may eat better,
but the givers sleep better."

Danny Thomas

There is no one in the world I cannot love or forgive.

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