Mary Hath Spokane - A Peace Prophet


Author of the United Peace Pledge:

We are Peace Prophets.

We will never kill a brother or sister human being.

We believe that only the Creator of Human Life

has the right to end that Life.


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REVOLUTION 2011 – On Earth WE Bring Heaven

Together We the People must stand firm and demand that 545 Elected Officials of the U.S. Federal Government govern fearlessly, morally and compassionately for, the current State of Governance is threatening the Life, Safety and Happiness of our Mother Earth and all her inhabitants.


1) End of the immoral and illegal Iraq and Afghanistan wars and the immediate return home of our beloved men and women in the U.S. armed forces.

2) No more tax money for Pentagon endorsed Weapons of Mass Destruction and Secret Projects.

3) Become a Republic as envisioned in the Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.

4) Corporations and financial institutions must be licensed and closely regulated with fiduciary responsibility for and goal of providing Safety and Happiness of our Mother Earth and her inhabitants.

5) Public funding of federal elections made law.

6) Repeal of the charter which gave the control of our money to the private Federal Reserve Bank and the return of the control of our money system to The People.

7) Open governance …including Disclosure of Secret Projects and alien presence past and current in our world.


Email and CALL/SHOUT these 7 demands DAILY to your three Congressmen –

That is how we protest in America!!


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