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Letter From Kerry

December 10, 2008

Ready to talk again. I may seem like a broken record sometimes (and if I do, I hope no one minds), but life itself is a repetitive thing and so I think that all you get is chances—you know, more opportunities to do things in a different way.  

And as I think about my journey, I see more and more that my greatest challenge was moving beyond the same old experience of life. You know, just in the way I handled myself, my existence. It’s almost as if I made up my mind early on the way it had to be and that didn’t come from anything true, it pretty much grew out of repetition. But there is another way someone can approach life and, as I do my thing here, I get to do it a lot more and better. It takes a choice that you have to make for yourself.

No one can do it for you.

I always say that when we look left or right instead of straight ahead, we’re gonna miss somethin’ for20sure, and likely even take a real tumble and maybe even end up pretty far down a hole. And you know what you get in a hole—not much room to maneuver, not much air to breath, and, for sure, a whole lot o’ darkness. And it’s that darkness that feeds fear and cowardice.

I don’t like the whole energy of it.  You see, that’s why kids are sometimes so spooked by the dark. It seems like it’s a physical thing that comes from an emotional thing, but, really, it’s a spiritual thing, when all is said and done—when the light goes on for you.

I guess I’m askin’ for people to reach for that pull cord, reach for the chain, and turn the light on in your life. Yeah, I know it’s scary as hell.

See, it’s interesting: Which way does the fear come—from the dark or from the light? I guess it’s how you’re interpreting life, the stance you’re choosin’ to take for yourself, and then the position and view you’re havin’ where others come into the picture. And sometimes—I’d say more than sometimes—it’s challenging to maintain the clear picture of yourself and others, and then yourself with others.

The feelings you can get about yourself, well, they’re very serious things to consider. It’s never okay just to toss off self-analysis of any kind, because your ability to conquer the social and emotional quality of relationship fully hinges on your ideas about yourself. And when you are clouded, when your heart has been corrupted by fear, you can’t possibly do a good job of relating to others. Always on the defensive—not a good place to be. There’s no harmony in that position and there’s no possibility of change from it.  

You need to stop right where you are, right in your tracks, this very moment, and consider yourself.  I mean really consider yourself on every level, from every vantage point.  Are you livin’ out of fear or are you livin’ out of faith?  And I mean faith in yourself—you gotta have it.  I didn’t.  I didn’t have faith in myself so I adopted a shell of sorts—a stubborn armor, that I thought for sure would protect me through whatever I might do.  

I missed a lot of love, because of it. I almost missed you, Mary. Only you would go through it with me.  Yeah, I know there was a lot o’ things you wanted for me, wanted me to do better with, and all I can say is I was a prize chump, but I’m not anymore. I understand the significance of your spiritual thinking.  To me, most of the time, it was kinda a “get by” life and make the most of that “get by” life, but you brought a light to me and I guess somethin’ inside me was cryin’ out for it.  And I guess that’s what I’m sayin’ to everybody.

 Don’t be so sure there isn’t more to you—more to your life than what you can pack in a small suitcase.  Sometimes we try to compact ourselves, our spirits, to fit into the space we’ve got, instead of spreadin’ our wings wide out and breakin’ through and breakin’ out of box we’re in.  

I’m convinced now that there’s no shortage of energy for doin’ just that.  I know the supply comes by the demand and it never runs out.  No energy crisis here!  And think about it: We have so much spiritual energy in us, so many resources to tap, and, if, it were done by each person, it would change the climate in the world.  It would change the entire energy of the world.  

You see, when we clamp down on our spirits, we tend to dry up.  Yeah, like an old prune.  We dry up and we pull away from life.  Sure, we continue our same old routines, but there is such a depression and starvation happenin’ to our souls and our spirits. See, that’s the thing about being where I am now.  I have completely come away from the fear energy—the idea that life pretty much sets up for you early on and, in a way, you just have to take it.

And, sure, we all react with our own personalities and temperaments, but it seems that it still comes down to “that’s the way it is, so that’s the way it’ll always be.”  But not true.  You see, notif you’re willin’ to retrain your thinking. I mean really throw out the old mechanism and adopt somethin’ startlingly fresh and new in your world. It can be done and, like I said before, you can do it there as well as do it here.  

And when you do more of it where you are, you get a much different experience of bein’ here when you get here.  And ‘here’ is a really great place to be.  But there, right where you are is an even greater place to be, because you’re there now.  It has you and you can make a huge difference in any moment—a difference for yourself and then, of course, a difference for others.  And that’s a great gift you can give, especially at this time when so many are hurtin’ in so many ways.  There’s a great opportunity right now.  We here are workin’ really diligently to suppozrt all of you there, because we all want you to be peaceful and happy, and to live by your gut, not by your egos.  You see, in that place you’re gonna be desolate—if not at first, then, for sure, at last.  It’s just gonna happen and this isn’t a gloom-and-doom prophecy, it’s just how it works. The soul and spirit need food and light, and you gotta be willin’ to come out of your safe caves.

Hell, they aren’t havens.  They sure aren’t Heaven in any way.  You gotta be willin’ to sacrifice the fear for courage and be sure and remember that it’s gotta be done with love. First you gotta love yourself a lot.  Not a little—a lot. And, sure, then you might say, “But I’m not worthy.”  But I say, “Yeah, you are.  Right now.  Not tomorrow, but right now.  And yesterday doesn’t matter.”  I know that from where I sit.  I know that right now I’m talkin’ to you, not lecturin’, maybe philosophizin’ a little, but I’d sure like to think it’s just the straight dope that I’m sendin’ your way with all my blessings.  

You see, I feel blessed.  I’m here doin’ a lot of good and I wanna get everyone involved and active in that field of good stuff, because to think about bad stuff is to have it for your life. And it never ends, it just keeps growin’ and growin’ on itself. It attracts more and more of what it already is, so that’s not a good deal. In fact, that’s a bad deal, and yet that’s how it goes when you go with it.

I’m not puttin’ myself forward as some highbrow expert on anything, but I do want you all to know that I’m a regular guy with a great mission. See, I have a great job to do and I greatly appreciate the chance to do it. I wouldn’t miss this for anything. And I don’t have a skeptical attitude about any of you. I just know that if I’m heard, there’s a chance for the wisdom I’m receivin’ to transmit back to my breathren. Yeah, to my family on the earthplane, and that includes all of you. It’s no elite group, it’s a big family, and I guess you could say I’m a regular guy who wants to take care of his family.

So I know that my voice is reachin’ far and wide. I know I don’t have to yell or scream my message.All I have to do is believe it and speak it clearly, and this is what I’ll keep on doin’. I know there is an audience that’s listenin’ to me—the right ones to hear what I have to say. I may not be everyone’s popular favorite, but I’m sure as hell not gonna lose sleep over that. I’m gonna keep on talkin’ as long as I have somethin’ to say, ‘cause, you see, I’ve got my work to do and nothin’ can stop me from doin’ it.

And that’s what I want you to know. Each one of you can make a difference in your own lives and make your own choices for your lives. I want you to know that you’re not alone. I guess that’s really a huge part of my message, because, from my own journey, I know how alone I felt so much of the time. Not with you, Mary. I sure didn’t feel alone anymore then, but I was challenged. But everyone has to know that they’re not alone in their journey.

Sure, it is a personal journey that each of us has to make for ourselves, but, still, there is always a connecting thread, one to the other there and also to us over here. It’s a very strong thread. Hell, it’s been around forever! So I guess I want to give you all a wide open, infinite invitation to get up and live. I mean really live. That means you lose the fear, for good. Sure, you can keep the naturally occurring caution that always give you the safety you need, but what you’ll lose, and gladly (good riddance to it), is the fear that’s been manufactured. And it’s never been anything that could be good for you, only something that could drag you down into that dark hole. There we go again, into that dark hole. So I say let’s climb out together. Yeah, I can see it all the way it needs to be. My life journey on Earth has been halted, interrupted, for now, but, you see, I’m still hangin’ around, right with you people, because I got a job to do. And, like I said before, I mean to do it—and do it well. So thanks again for listenin’ to my words. They come from a grateful guy, who feels like he really got blessed by an angel. That’s you, Mary! So I’ll keep talkin’ away and I know that it’s gonna make a difference right where it’s needed, because it’s already made a huge difference for me. I love you—Kerry




There is no one in the world I cannot love or forgive.

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